• Royal Green Landscaping creates beauty in many forms. Here we see a lush lawn and flower garden with shrubs and trees. This installation was 10 years old when this picture was taken!
  • This was a completely new installation: The decorative rock pathway, plants, trees, new sodded lawn, and sprinkler system were all professionally selected and installed. Royal Green can renovate your existing landscape with equally pleasing results.
  • Professional design and installation makes a difference: This river rock installation in Medford is 11 years old and looks great!
  • Here we see mica slate stonework with basalt slab steps, showing the artistic flair you get from Royal Green Landscaping, along with a brand new sodded lawn.
  • This was a complete professional rebuild of an existing water feature. An energy efficient pump, water skimmer, rubber liner, and basalt boulders are among the professionally designed, selected and installed components of this spectacular display.

Personal, Professional Service

Robert Johnston, owner, has been a landscape professional for 30 years.

Some landscapers are not licensed, and some are rarely at the job site. Bob is a hands-on, licensed, bonded, and insured professional who is always on the job. He only hires crew when needed, keeping costs low to provide you superior value.

Focused on Installation

Royal Green Landscaping concentrates on installation, problem solving and repair.

When you have your landscape professionally installed, ongoing maintenance is kept to a minimum. Royal Green will be happy to enter into a maintenance agreement with you, but Bob is a guy who zeroes in on delivering quality installations, leaving you options when it comes to the maintenance.

Satisfied Customers

Bob develops long-term relationships with many of his clients, whether Commercial or Residential, because his projects are built to last, for easy maintenance and with careful attention to detail.

Royal Green Landscaping stands behind its work. Bob will be there to make sure you are another client who happily calls him up for the next project.